2020 was a weird year — or, if not weird, then definitely different.

In some ways, this difference was actually good (see: an overdue national conversation about police violence and white supremacy; the impeachment and subsequent voting-out of a terrible president). But I imagine we’ll look back on 2020 overwhelmingly as a Year of Bad.

I felt this badness – a sense of desperation, of hopelessness, or dread mixed with boredom – creep into my reading habits. I’ve made it a goal over the last few years to really increase the number of books I read, and despite spending a…

“I did have one question…”

Greetings! I’m not sure we’ve met, but I’ve definitely seen your name on emails before. It’s great to finally have a face-to-face. Before everyone gets here, I wanted to introduce myself: I’m the person who asks a question at the very last second of a meeting.

Asking questions is an important part of being present and engaged with any project kickoff—nobody disputes that. I’m always happy to hear my colleagues raise concerns and ask questions, so we’re all on the same page before getting to work. …

After months on table-setting in the House, Donald J. Trump’s impeachment trial has finally begun in the Senate. Finally! My heart is racing, my temperature is rising, there are butterflies in my stomach and my throat is sore. There’s no doubt about it; I definitely have full-blown Impeachment (and/or Scarlet) Fever!

I think I was first bit by the impeachment or streptococcus “bug” last September, when Speaker Nancy Pelosi finally announced that she was opening an official impeachment inquiry. I felt excited, flushed. Pelosi finally seemed ready to get on board with the vocal left wing of her caucus. …

Learn how to stop eating it like an amateur and start schussing like a star

Skiing, once seen as a sport enjoyed exclusively by the rich, has evolved into a popular pastime with a much broader fanbase, welcoming the rich, semi-rich, and kids in school programs that get them hooked with all the subtlety of an opioid ring. Perhaps you’ve been bitten by the “ski bug”* and want to get out on the trails with your local friends and/or WASPs!

*also known as alpine illness, downhill disease, mountain malady and “carver’s lament”

Stuck on where to begin? Don’t worry, moron…

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Published 13 January 2020

Today my family had very constructive discussions on the future of my grandson and his family.

My family and I are entirely supportive of Harry and Meghan’s desire to create a new life as a young family. Although we would have preferred them to remain full-time working Members of the Royal Family, we respect and understand their wish to live a more independent life as a family while remaining a valued part of my family, and they will be allowed to do so once they have completed The Trials of Severance.

While The Trials have never…

Or: Another nerd yelling “You can’t do that in Star Wars!”

Narrative experiments, classics revisited, genre fun and lots of comics.

Last year I read 19 books. This year I read 60.

That’s more than a book a week, which is surprising — probably to me more than anyone else. Last year, when I realized I had averaged more than a book a month, I felt like giving myself a big pat on the back. I didn’t think I could ever top that Barry Allen-esque speed.

The difference, I guess, is that this year I decided I wanted to read a lot of books. That’s it. …

To the editors,

Thank you, Crawford Williamson, for your thoughtful and well-reasoned letter to the editor in the Portland Press Herald about the deplorable behavior of the attendees of “The Magic of the Opera” gala on April 28. As a fellow attendee and patron of the arts, I feel I must add my voice to the roaring chorus of one that you’ve begun.

My wife and I were also dismayed to find people displaying the temerity to support the arts in festive attire. As you stated in your letter, they were more appropriately dressed to attend a local county fair…

in which two old friends discuss three beers from Atlantic Brewing Co.

Image: www.atlanticbrewing.com

Jake: Atlantic Brewing Company was started in Bar Harbor in 1991 — “on the eve of the microbrewing revolution,” according to their website.


J: I know, right? Have you spent much time in Bar Harbor? How do you feel about it?

T: Well, Jake, I love Bar Harbor, and all of Mt. Desert Island, to be completely honest. I get the bourgeois and the tourism, comes with the territory with an area that gorgeous. Acadia is the most beautiful place on Earth. Now…

in which two old friends discuss three ciders from Angry Orchard

Image: www.angryorchard.com

Jake: Are you a cider fan?

Travis: Love me some apple juice, ever since I was a young buck. Now, all adult like, the fact that it’s also an adult beverage is nothing short of fantastic. I’ve tried some here in the states, like Woodchuck, but I really sank my teeth into the style on a trip to England. It’s an American misconception that cider has to be sweet and overtly juice-like in character. This is just in poor taste — or, ahem, the “common tongue.” Cider, or cidre…

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Writer, mostly. www.jakechristie.com

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