Jake and Travis Review: Atlantic Brewing Company (2012)

Image: www.atlanticbrewing.com

Blueberry Ale

J: There are a lot of fruity/flavored beers around (these days?): Shipyard’s Blueberry, Applehead, and Pumpkinhead; Sea Dog’s Wild Blueberry, Raspberry Wheat and Apricot; Abita’s raspberry Purple Haze; and Magic Hat’s apricot #9 and elderberry Elder Betty, to name a few. So let’s put this one on front street: Fruit beers. What do you think? Do you like mixing beer and fruit? Are you okay with adding a fruity or vegetabley flavor to the traditional flavors of malt and hops?

Real Ale

J: Oh man, I think I’ve found my favorite of the bunch. I’m predicting here, forecasting into the future, but this strikes me as a quality brown that’s tasty and easy to drink. I’m a man who loves a good brown ale — a REAL brown ale, if you will. The Bar Harbor Real is nutty and malty from start to finish, with a little sticky sweetness to let you know you’re having a good time. I reach for a brown when I’m having pub food, and I could drink bottle after bottle of this with steaks and burgers. What are your thoughts on brown ales?

Summer Ale

J: When it comes to a summer beer, I’m looking for something bright and light. Sunshine in a glass. I like wheat beers and hefeweizens, and I’m no expert, but it seems to me like breweries like to draw from these big schools, flavor-wise, when they’re working on a summer ale. It’s like a traditional lager or pilsner, but it’s also got a bit of fruit or wheat, something sweet that makes it light and summery without making it heavier. Listen: They add something, but don’t make it heavier, is what I’m saying. Brewmasters are physics wizards. This ABC Summer Ale hits those light, summery points, with a little sweetness that reminds me of Geary’s or Shipyard’s Summer Ale. Despite the lightness I can still taste the hops… it’s a little spicy, but not as spicy as it smells. That’s not a knock, the spices just leapt at my nose like that shark going for the seagulls in that YouTube video. What do you think is special about summer seasonal beers?



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